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Start-Up Chile Experience

The connections are growing. The Beagle Bioinformatics joined the Start-Up Chile family in the last July and was funded with  a $40,000 grant to keep making science in a different way.

“We’re importing and bringing to Chile people that have good ideas, entrepreneurship capacity and the ability to start a business here,” said the Chilean President Sebastián Piñera  to CNN international on October 15th.

The project approved  in the Start-Up Chile program is called NimbusGene, a friendly environment for storage, genomic analysis and collaborative work. The goal is to have the prototype ready until the end of the program, in January/February 2013.

Knowing that this is a great opportunity to improve the company and make an amazing networking, the Start-Up Chile experience is fortifying our goals and giving us the possibility to launch faster the prototype. “The environment here is fantastic! We are always in touch with innovative projects and solutions that have a great potential to change the world”, said Vinicius Maracaja-Coutinho – Founder and CEO of Beagle Bioinformatics.

To know more about the Start-Up Chile program visit:

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