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Beagle on the News. Farol Digital brings up the Beagle's journey through Start-Up Chile.

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

Recently the magazine Farol Digital published an article about the IT startups from the region of Paraíba (Brazil) which have not been consolidated in the market but are highly innovative and have a high potential to surrender much fruit in the near future. The Paraíba attends today the birth of several companies in the technology segment and Beagle Bioinformatics is one of them.

“With a last name that commands respect¨, the Beagle Bioinformatics is responsable for a work that unites the biological sciences and computing in the search for simpler solutions for processes of decoding and analysis of the genetic code. According to the report, a field still relatively unexplored, the bioinformatics lacks qualified professionals precisely because it requires solid knowledge in two apparently distinct areas. And that was when Vinicius, Founder and CEO of Beagle, saw the opportunity. “Our proposal is to reduce the gap existent between the computational and biological Science providing a friendly environment to work online”.

Through the support received from Start-Up Chile – an accelerator program fully supported by the Chilean government – the Beagle Bioinformatics will spend six months developing its projects in Chile.

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